Everything you need to know about the royal family of Montovia!


King of Montovia

Edmund is widely regarded as a just and wise king. Montovia has prospered under his reign, but while his rigid, intelligent nature makes him an effective ruler, it also makes him very strict and unyielding when it comes to his adult children, especially when they get themselves into any sort of trouble.

Birthday: January 13th

Hair: Salt-and-pepper

Eyes: Steely gray


Queen of Montovia

Penelope is known for her kindness and her warm, gentle nature. Despite being born a commoner, her quick mind and wholehearted approach to life make her a valuable counsel to her husband (and children).

Birthday: December 4th

Hair: silver

Eyes: hazel/light brown


Oldest son of Edmund and Penelope

The oldest son of King Edmund and Queen Penelope. Andrew is known for his serious, responsible nature, his devotion to the wellbeing of Montovia, and his tall, dark, and sexy good looks. His high standards and strict personal code mean he wants to be in control of every situation – and when he wants something, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Birthday: June 11

Hair: Dark brown, nearly black

Eyes: Blue

Talents/Hobbies: Brooding, politics, keeping his younger siblings out of trouble, piloting aircraft, chess, reading (especially histories, biographies, and books on philosophy and science), volunteering with Montovian charitable causes.

Favorite Food: Mussels in a white wine sauce

Favorite Drink: Brandy

What he wants most in life: To serve the people of Montovia and prepare himself to be the best king possible.

Stars in: Royal Mistake


Second son of Edmund and Penelope

The second son of King Edmund and Queen Penelope. Leopold is known for his flirtatious, womanizing ways, his light-hearted nature, and his commitment to getting into (and out of) trouble all over the world. He enjoys taking risks in the name of good-natured fun, and he takes full advantage of the fact that people are (usually) all too eager to give him exactly what he wants.

Birthday: September 7th

Hair: Sandy-colored

Eyes: Blue

Talents/Hobbies: Flirting, charming his way out of trouble, traveling and seeing the world, partying and clubbing (even better if it’s on a boat!),

Favorite Food: Lamb with mint sauce.

Favorite Drink: Red wine, but he’ll drink anything that promises a night of good fun.

What he wants most in life: To live life to the fullest.

Stars in: Royal Heartbreaker


Third son of Edmund and Penelope

The third son of King Edmund and Queen Penelope. William is known for being friendly, smart, and level-headed. Some say he’s like a cross between his two older brothers—he has Leopold’s flirtatious charm but Andrew’s sense of responsibility. As the middle child, he’s eager to prove himself to the world and to his family—even if that means personal sacrifice.

Birthday: May 25th

Hair: Warm, medium brown

Eyes: blue

Talents/Hobbies: Fencing, stealing diaries, being the voice of reason to his siblings, seducing women through dancing

Favorite food: Filet mignon

Favorite Drink: Rosvalian ale

What he wants most in life: Purpose. To do something meaningful.

Stars in: Royal Arrangement


Fourth son of Edmund and Penelope

The fourth son of King Edmund and Queen Penelope. Generally regarded as quiet and dutiful, he often hides his true feelings, even from those he loves. He enjoys solitude, despises drama, and strongly believes in personal responsibility. He feels most at home in nature.

Birthday: November 17th

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Dark blue

Talents/Hobbies: Horseback riding, working with his hands, his ability to stay out of the limelight as much as possible.

Favorite Food: Prime rib

Favorite Drink: Whiskey or American craft beer

What he wants most in life:  To be recognized as something other than a royal.

Stars in: Royal Escape


Youngest child of Edmund and Penelope

The youngest child of King Edmund and Queen Penelope. The baby of the family, Sophia is known for her cheerful nature, her blunt advice, and her propensity to get into trouble. She’s generally a responsible member of the family, but she has a wild, rebellious side that’s itching to get out.

Birthday: April 30th

Hair: Warm brown

Eyes: Dark blue

Talents/Hobbies: Matchmaking, giving romantic advice, shopping, finding the humor in almost any situation

Favorite Food: American pizza

Favorite Drink: Champagne

What she wants most in life: To have adventures! And to see her family happy.

Stars in: Royal Disaster

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